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Self-Driving Cars : Overview

Self-Driving Cars : Overview

This article part of Self-Driving Cars Guide

What topics will be included in this guide?

Smart and autonomous systems has too many sub-topics and technologies. My interest transportation that’s why I’m going to focus on this subject.

We can start with fuel culture. As everyone knows, almost 100 years ago two geniuses lived in this world. Their name is Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Their life was very deeply connected to electricity. These people have acquired hundreds of new inventions and patents. But we still have a big problem. We didn’t have any electricity car until a few yars ago. Yes, I know! Some car brands produced electric cars many years ago. However, these vehicles were not widely used. Anyway, we can go back 100 years. Here’s Edison’s electric car.

American inventor and physicist Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931) with his first electric car, the Edison Baker. He is holding one of the batteries used to power the vehicle. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)

That’s very cool story bro! Research it!

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about this story anymore. Otherwise, we need to talk about politics! Politics is not the right way to design the future…

Energy sector could also be a good research topic. But this sector is deep enough to be a seperate article topic. This is why, For now I can only suggest that you should do research on this. Energy Sector related tags; antimatter(Produced in America but not cheap at all), space and time bend(new energy sources are under investigation), Alternative Energy Resources (r1, r2), Fusion Power, Tesla Gigafactory, and different kind of engine models.

Now, we can list automobile companies that work on autonomous(unmanned, self-driving, driveless) cars.

And other startup companies…

There are dozens more projects… But I think they are enough…

What is the autonomous car actually?

In the simplest terms, self-driving cars managed by artificial intelligence software and powerful computers. In addition, these vehicles(self-driving cars) must have dozens of different sensors to run successfully.

These vehicles have two main modules;

Internal Systems

External Systems

  • Environmental Factors

These two topics have many details. In general we’ll deal with the topic of internal systems.


Automobiles were so primitive so far. Recently, cockpit products designed for in-car entertainment started to be developed. For example: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The automobile sector has changing standards according to each country. That’s why, It’s not easy for car brands to add a new design or feature to their cars. We’ll focus on developing a car’s cockpit systems under this topic.

Autonomous Brain

This is the point where everything starts in the real sense. So BigBang! To understand how an self-driving works, we will focus on what tools and techniques we need to use in this area. Of course, there will be no artificial intelligence training. Just try to catch a general perspective.

Environmental Factors

Together with every big new technology, changes in our lives and our world occur. When we start to use unmanned cars, many of the enviromental factors we have used before will also have to change over time.

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    • Onların çoğu henüz AR-GE aşamasında olduğu için ortada bir ürün yok. Ama Volvo, Google, Mercedes, Nio gibi markalar birçok prototip ile çalışıyorlar. Hatta CA yollarında onlarca araçları olanlar da var. 🙂