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Self-Driving Cars : Beginning of Guide

Self-Driving Cars : Beginning of Guide

In this guide, I want to be focus on the physical and software sides of autonomous cars. So, smart technologies and autonomous systems…

Why am I preparing this guide?

Two years ago(March, 2016) we started a project to develop self-driving cars. That’s why, we have done a lot of deep research on this subject. These researches included the physical systems of automobiles, sensor systems and all software infrastructures. At the same time, we followed all the educational content in this area. Of course, we have closely followed all competitors in this sector. As a result of all our research, we have obtained some information. And I want to share some of that information. We had to terminate this project. However, perhaps this information can help different researchers.

Note 1 : We also gave a seminar in this area. cf.(Seminar)
Note 2 : The original article was written in Turkish 2 years ago. But now I’m updating this article to make it a series of English guide. to review the previous article click(A1A2) please.

What topics will be included in this guide?

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