I am doing research and development studies on software, database, BigData, machine learning and data security. I am actively developing projects on Golang, C#, ASP.NET (MVC, Web API), WCF, BigData, Machine Learning, SQL Server and Oracle as well as providing real environment training for online and professional academies.

I have prepared 1000+ video tutorials so far and have written many technical papers.

I am currently trained in a number of informatics education institutions(BilgeAdam, BilginçIT, BTAkademi, ADEO, Bilişim Eğitim Merkezi)(individual and institutional, for 7 years). I also do consulting in the field of software.

Technical background;

– I have been working in the software industry for 10 years.
– I developed dark factory(unmanned factory) projects in the context of the Industry 4.0 concept.
– I implement artificial intelligence, machine learning and BigData solutions in the projects I have developed.
– I developed mobile banking application for private banks.
– I developed Kiosk applications for embedded systems.
– I gave seminars at universities. For example; Go Programming Language, Dark Factories, Unmanned Vehicles …
– I am developing projects using cloud computing technologies.
– I have worked as a developer on many medium and large scale web projects.
– Turkey’s first “Oracle PL/SQL Programming” I have prepared the video courses (25 hours and 255 video in 2011).
– I wrote a database programming book with SQL Server in the name of “Advanced T-SQL Programming” (2013, 700+ pages).
– Turkey’s most comprehensive “Database Programming with SQL Server” I have prepared the video courses (18 hours and 240 video in 2017).
– Turkey’s most comprehensive “C# Programming Language” course I made the video (160 video and 27 hours in 2017)
– Turkey’s first “Go Programming Language” I have prepared the video course (2017).
– Over 1000+ software and database video tutorials. Since 2011 …

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cihan.ozhan [ at ] hotmail [dot] com

My Book

Yazılımcılar İçin İleri Seviye T-SQL Programlama (2.baskı)

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– All my video tutorials are here; click!

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